Where to begin? Well, first off, Happy New Year to everyone reading this. I can’t speak for all of the guys, but I’m for damn sure ready to bid 2017 adieu, and move on to bigger and better things in 2018, like worrying about whether or not to shave this glorious beard, and pondering which gym membership I’m not going to sign up for.

Now, as stressful as 2017 was for some of us on a personal level, it was in fact highly productive, and that work has paid off in something we are all very thankful for. Yeah, it’s true, we signed ourselves a record deal. Here’s the scoop, straight from our Facebook page>>>

What this ultimately means is that we’ve got a mess of hard work to do. We’re gonna have to get out and promote the hell out of the record come April, when it’s scheduled for release. In addition to the Southeast/Midwest dates we’ve already posted for February & March, we’re looking at a possible East Coast run to coincide with the album’s arrival, so for those of you who’ve occasionally given us a ration of grief for neglecting that neck of the woods, please rest assured we will do our level best to make that happen and set things right up your way. In fact, we’re going to make it our mission to get to several places we’ve either been neglecting or have yet to visit, honest.

I’m gonna wrap this up, because I know you’ve all got somewhere to be, but I just wanted to be sure we thanked you people for having our backs and helping us get to this point. Where this turn of events will take us is anyone’s guess, but we intend to make the most of the opportunities that come our way. I believe we delivered a record that fans of what we’ve been doing all along will be able to sink their teeth into, as well as the folks who kept leaning on us to turn things up a notch….its certainly got a little more muscle to it, but no less heart….I suppose you’ll have to judge for yourself when the time comes. Hopefully it hits you where it counts.

Alright then. Be safe out there….amateurs abound.

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