34 "confirmed" attendees, and just 3 days away. Now do you see what I mean. Granted, there are plenty of folks that don't pay any attention to FaceBook invites, who are well aware of this show going down on Saturday, but of the nearly 600 invites sent out for this event, 34 have RSVP'd.

Of course, Saturday afternoon will be spent fielding apologetic texts from folks who had previously committed to being there, but suddenly had something come up, be it an illness or work obligation, etc.

For the record, unless you're integral to the show going on, just don't show up. A message letting us know you WON'T be there is not necessary. It only distracts us from the job at hand, and there are plenty of other, constructive things we can be doing besides reading the litany of excuses you have probably used before but forgotten...and they were only somewhat believable the first time around.

Bitter? Do I sound bitter? Maybe I am...a little. For the record, those of you unable to make it due to legitimate obstacles that are impossible to overcome, we DO understand. This rant is targeted at repeat offenders. The ones that manage to make appearances at a handful of other shows throughout the month, seemingly unimpeded by any such logistical entanglements. Yeah, if you think I'm talkin' to you, I probably am.

You know, it's funny, I used to really give a shit about offending people and burning bridges, but somewhere along the way, right about the time I realized how little respect you get for being the good guy in this town(or any other, for that matter), I just stopped. So, from here on out, I'm gonna call it like I see it, for better or worse. If you're a promoter that owes us money, for instance....or a band that act like a bunch of jackasses over petty nonsense...or you've been on a high horse you should've stopped beating years ago....I'm just gonna make that observation. Besides, PC is no fun, and what good is having a forum to speak your mind if you censor yourself.

I feel better already, so I'm gonna drag my rickety ass to the gym, and try to not be that out of shape skinny guy. See all 34 of you Saturday. Don't worry, I'll be smiling, 'cause to be honest, none of this really bothers me that much these days, but I still like to get things off my chest before they do.