If you're reading this, I guess that means you've peeped the new layout for the site. Hope everyone digs it.I took a little time to shuffle things around this past weekend, when we weren't busy dazzling capacity crowds from East Nashville to Bowling Green, KY, and I think it looks pretty damn good myself.

 I updated the calendar(more to come there shortly, with any luck), and the bio page. With any luck, I will get around to adding the last few "Hearing Things" entries that have yet to be transferred to this location. On that note, I am still waiting for a go-ahead to post new content for The Times, but I'm not holding my breath at this point, because there seems to be some delay preventing the community blogs from being reactivated. No big deal, I've got a few other things to occupy myself in the meantime.

 For instance, here's a look at some tentative cover art for the new EP from The Great Affairs, that we will be entering The Switchyard at 11AM tomorrow to (fingers crossed) complete tracking on.

 We've abandoned the previous title "Fore", in favor of the less-clever "4"...being our fourth record and all. (Originally a concept album based on the folk tale "The Legend Of Ernest McKee", we strayed too far from the source material along the way, and thus opted for the simple numeral.)

 So, tomorrow we hit the studio, and get this stuff up to snuff for eventual mixing, and then Kenny & I split for Southern California. As soon as we return, we'll get back to the business of shining this thing up for release, and you should be able to get your mitts on it by December.

 Until then, browse the new site, and we'll see you when we see you. Our next full-band show is at 12th & Porter on Friday, November 30th.