...., now I have another page to maintain. Yeah, but I did it to myself, so I guess complaining about it; however in-character that may be for me, is just ridiculous. So, here is the first blog of the first official Denny Smith Music website. Honestly, I figured it would be easier to consolidate the many things I'm involved in musically, creating a hub of activity away from FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter(I don't tweet anyway...just can't get down with that. Sorry.), etc., where I can post demos, links to releases new and old, and show info, as well as having a central mailing list for anyone who might wanna keep up with me/my bands without having to scour the social networks for the latest. Vain?....maybe, but the fact is, I've got too many things going on daily to wanna hover around my computer to make sure everyone is getting spammed with bulletins about my most recent monumental achievement. This way, it's up to you if you wanna hear about it. Sign up for the email list on the home page, and I'll do my best to keep you informed in a consistent but unobtrusive manner.Yeah, I'll still be active at the center of the universe, AKA Facebook, but I'd just like to have a better and more manageable platform for presenting new tunes, video, deep thoughts, and the like, so this will be it for the time being.

 If you wander through the tabs at the top of the profile, you'll see a host of different pages, which will slowly become flush with content, as I take the initiative to upload it. For now, there are bits and pieces in place for you to peruse at your leisure, with more to come soon-ish. There are Facebook links to my shop in Illinois, The Great Affairs, & fORMER, so "LIKE" each of these, as they are easily some of the most likeable entities you are bound to discover in your internet travels, and well-deserving of your esteem. There is also a store, where you can purchase some of the releases I've had a hand in creating, thus contributing to my personal coffers, which I greatly appreciate. Similarly, there will be a bunch of tracks floating around on the "Audio" section that you can make your own free of charge by simply downloading them. There is a calendar, where I'll post any shows I may be doing, with whichever band I may be doing them with, plus any solo acoustic dates I do. I'd like to dive a little harder into the co-writing thing, since the fORMER record is about to wrap up, so hopefully I'll be out and about more doing some writers' nights in town too.

 Right now, The Great Affairs' new EP is available(see STORE), fORMER is (I hope) just weeks away from finishing our new record, I've got shows coming up with The Beauty School Dropouts and fORMER over the next few weeks, and I'm just under halfway into writing(in Los Angeles) and recording(in Nashville, with the fORMER rhythm section) a new album for Joshua Ketchmark, so things are busy in Pastry Park.

If you've managed to read this far, I applaud your tenacity, and hope you'll stay tuned.