Sugar-free oatmeal, the breakfast of champions....and me.

 Real quick, folks, here's what's been going on and what's about to go down.

 We had a couple of weeks off, due to Patrick & I's travels, but we convened for a couple of hours last night to start work on an unusually lengthy set for our return to Tidball's on Saturday, November 5th. We haven't played this joint in Bowling Green, KY in over 2 years, AND we're helping our buddy Miki celebrate his birthday that evening, so we spent part of last night's rehearsal dusting off Day 22, as promised. I know a lot of folks have never heard this song before, but it was on our 2nd EP "Deaf Proof" that came out in 2007, and is now long out-of-print. Our lineup at that time featured just Henry & I, along with Ian Wolczyk on guitar & Corey Boise on drums. Billy was out on "sick leave" after having his appendix rupture, and our original guitarist Jeff "JD" Garner was on the road with Lennon, opening for Motley Crue. Still, at some point, we went into the studio for a weekend to cut 5 songs, "Never Come Down" & "Burnout"(both of which were later RE-recorded for our first LP), along with "Day 22", "Damned", & "Underwhelmed"(which we've played off-and-on ever since). Day 22 disappeared with that lineup, and hasn't reared it's head since, until now, at the behest of Mr. Miki Ernst. Again, seeing as it IS his birthday, and he IS our SELF-proclaimed #1 fan, it seems like the least we could do to honor his wish. I'll add "Day 22" to the audio page when I wrap this up, for anyone who might wanna check it out.

 In The Great Affairs news, the episode of Not Just Country that we filmed last year finally aired this past Friday & Sunday on Comcast 49. I haven't had the chance to watch the performances yet, but I hope they're good, because I'm going to add the just-posted YouTube link to our main page, as well as RIGHT HERE:

....for those of you who might be interested. I think our segment starts around the 11-minute mark. Thanks to Rick & co. for having us on this season!

 On to the bad news, the final cut has been made on Punk Payback, and despite the series' star himself going to bat for us with the network, the use of the original opening, featuring our tune "Blue Divide" has been cut. Yep, we've been replaced. Hopefully the producer will give me the green light to post the first cut, once the series premieres next week, so you all can see what might have been. Regardless of the outcome, I'd like to thank everyone that took up for us in the dispute....maybe next time.

 I got a haircut...Thanks, Sam....

Here's a shot from Jo & I's excursion to the honky-tonks on Saturday, courtesy of our amigo Juan Massaglia. While I'm thanking folks indiscriminately in this blog, I'd like to thank JVD for his stellar rendition of Nelson's "Love & Affection" later that evening at the karaoke bar across the way. Printer's Alley will never be the same.

OK, back to actual news..Wednesday, more fORMER rehearsal.....Friday, a lone rehearsal with The Beauty School Dropouts('cause that's how we roll) for Saturday's show at 12th & Porter w/ Bush, Candlebox, Five Knives, and a slew of others...BSD headlines the indoor stage, tickets are $25, costumes are encouraged. Nick will be coming out of retirement for this show, just months after allowing America to thank him for all he has done for their music scene ...huge dollars must have been involved.

Details HERE:

 My first official blog for The Times Newspapers is up HERE:

Don's forget, NEW SHIRTS.....order now. Ladies Ts are moving faster than anticipated, so get 'em while you can, HERE:

 Finally, 2 Dobler tunes are rough-demoed, and a 3rd is getting polished up Wednesday afternoon with my partner MC McCants. I might actually build a new project studio to cut this record around and pricing that this week...pretty cool stuff so far, very 80s-centric.

 OK, so much for keeping things brief. I've gotta get to the gym my ride needs an oil change, so it's time to sign off. See you all this weekend at the Haunted Valley shindig.....and I definitely expect the hardier of you to make the trek to Bowling Green for next weekend's throwdown. I just hope Miki is conscious to enjoy his request....history dictates such an outcome being unlikely.