OK, folks, here's the skinny on fORMER, etc.

We played The Warehouse in Clarksville Saturday night. Corey Boise filled
in on drums, because our man Billy Baker has a hernia that is going to
require surgery.

This means that until he's back in the saddle, we'll either be laying low,
utilizing Corey when available, or stripping it down and playing as a
3-piece acoustic act.

Unfortunately, we don't know yet just when to expect him back, so here are
the details on the shows coming up that may or may not be affected.

 Friday, February 10th. The Nick. Birmingham, AL. We will most likely be
tackling this acoustically. Corey can't do this one with us, so unless
Billy makes a miraculous recovery, we'll have no other choice than to go
that route or cancel altogether....which we have always refused to do.

 Saturday, February 11th. I'll be joining whatever cast of characters Andy
Aquino has assembled for his annual birthday bash at The Rutledge in
Nashville, to cover one of my own songs with them. We'll be doing "Lies"
as per Andy's birthday request. For the record, I was honored to be
asked, and as weird as it may be to get up on stage without a guitar on,
I will do my best to restrain my inner David lee Roth, so as not to
jeopardize anyone's safety.

 Saturday, February 18th we'll be playing another birthday party, this one
for Ogy Joe, also at The Rutledge, and most likely with Corey once again
behind the kit, that is unless Billy tells us otherwise. If Corey is back
there, we will once again be shaking the set up and playing some tunes we
haven't played in a while, and will likely never play again, so we'll try
to make it a cool event in spite of being down a man....maybe even having
a surprise guest or two....who knows?

 Finally, March 3rd we'll be opening up a bill that includes Adalene, A
New Rebel, and DoryDrive...again at The Rutledge....and hopefully Billy
will be back to kicking the usual ass, because Corey is NOT available to
cover for him, and we'd really hate to bail on this show.  So, stay
tuned, because we hope to have some idea of how soon he goes under the
knife and how long he'll require to recuperate by the end of this week.

 Next week, I'm heading to L.A. for a few days to do some writing, and
lots of nothing, so I can hopefully come back recharged, to a drummer on
the mend, and start plotting a course for 2012.

 OH YEAH..TNIGHT(Monday 1/9)....10:30PM on Fuel TV. I'm an extra
in a fight scene on "Punk Payback"...look for the guy in black jeans and
beanie, blue t-shirt, and dark-rimmed glasses, hanging out by the racks
while some kid gets taught a lesson.

  See you soon,