I just got back from a week of doing nothing
in Los Angeles, and no, I did not kill and dismember the elderly
gentlemen found in Griffith Park...sorry to disappoint you. I did,
however, kill several beers, and stay out way too late once or twice, if
that helps to restore my ailing cred.

 Also newsworthy, we'll be at The Nick in Birmingham on the 10th of
February, and behind the kit, filling in for Corey, who has been filling
in for Billy, will be none other than Kenny Wright from Bonepony. Kenny
is a sweet guy, and an all-around musical badass, so we should be in good
hands. We're gonna take this opportunity to throw in a handful of tunes
from The Great Affairs' records, since we've been tossing around the idea
of doing some more TGA shows with Kenny on drums in the near future. This
should make for a pretty cool set, so I hope some of you kids can come

 The following night(2/11), I'll be guest-singing one of my own songs with
Andy Aquino's Birthday Bash pick-up band, at The Rutledge. The mighty Dan
Halen is on the bill as well, so join us for what will undoubtedly result
in many hangovers.

 The very next weekend(2/18), fORMER will be back at The Rutledge, with
Corey back on the throne, and bashing through a set of our favorites and
a few obscure numbers that we've brought out of hiding for just such an
occasion as him sitting in with us. Please help us celebrate Ogy Joe's
birthday by raising your glasses(and voices) when he joins us for a
number late in the set. Trust me, I've heard the guy sing, he's gonna
need it.

 We've been getting some interesting press overseas lately, so if you
haven't been to our facebook page recently, check out some links at

 Also, if you get a chance, head over to my blog for The Times Newspapers,
to read up on some stuff that's not always so band-centric. You can find
that at:

 I think that's it for now. Just a couple of shows coming up in March &
April, as we wait to see how Billy will spring back from his surgery, and
what happens next. Keep checking the official page at: and the facebook profile for all the
latest goings-on.