As promised, so delivered, a new version of “Head Light” from fORMER’s ‘The Kids Deserve Cable’, cut “live” somewhere…possibly Rio De Janeiro, or maybe in the studio… I can’t recall exactly.

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Anyhow, if you were around before (and actually for a brief period DURING) The Great Affairs began our quest for universal acceptance and/or world domination, Patrick & I were in a band called fORMER that had a couple of records out. In fact, we still play a few tunes from each of them to this day, including our frequent opening number “Head Light”, so Kenny thought it might be cool to bang out a quick live take with this current lineup, and throw it up for you folks.

Mixed by the Street-Lion himself, Mr. Michael Saint-Leon(as usual), it’s no dramatic evolution or attempt at improving on what we thought was already a great track, but it IS a surprisingly tight and slightly different spin on a song that we’ve been kicking around for over 10 years. Hopefully you’ll approve. (Cheers to the “O.G.s who originally brought it to life: Billy Baker, Henry Go, and Lee Coram BTW).

Speaking of originals, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary as a band. Look at these baby faces..

(TGA MK1-L-R: Tim Good, Patrick Miller, Denny Smith, Matt Andersen)

While we’re getting all misty, ‘Ten & 2’ turned 1 on June 22nd. Awww.

OK then, enough product hype and wistful reminiscing, let’s get on with what’s coming up next.

Saturday, July 6th  Slide Out Of The Fourth! (Private Event)  Marion, IL

Friday, July 19th Bokeh Lounge  Evansville, IN w/Joshua Ketchmark opening 5PM(early show)

Tuesday, July 30th The Cowan  Nashville, TN  opening for Tom Keifer of Cinderella 7PM

Friday, August 9th  The Shed  Maryville, TN  opening for Jack Russell’s Great White 6PM

Clearly we have some free time on our hands this Summer. Our intention is to make the most of it by getting a serious head start on what will eventually(we hope) turn into a full-length. As we crank through them, we’ll continue to release bits & pieces along the way that will ultimately comprise the bulk of a proper LP. We’re also working on another cool idea to sweeten the pot this time around, but I’ll dish more on that later, once we’ve actually dipped our toes.

On the periphery, Joshua Ketchmark is finalizing the mix on our first collaborative single. Once we settle on a name for the project, and have both signed off on a master, we’ll be delivering that little slab of Beatle-esque Pop goodness to your tender eardrums. I think this one is a real gem, and we roped in a couple of highly qualified guests to help us do it up right, as we attempted to apply our hardcore Jellyfish, Oasis, and Lennon/McCartney fandom to maximum effect. I think you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

AND, while Kenny toils away on his personal ‘Chinese Democracy’(He was about to start messing with something at Black Gold Speakeasy as I was leaving the other day, so I know it’s ongoing.), I’ve decided to move ahead on a second solo release myself. I have a title, and a loose “concept” I feel good about, along with; thankfully, a handful of pieces that seem to sit together comfortably. Initially, I had a grander scope in mind for this outing, but some of the songs on the preliminary contenders list ended up migrating over to the TGA camp, so I’m taking a fork in the road and pursuing a different vibe. It’s not an entirely unfamiliar detour, and I hope some of you folks will be game for taking it with me.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Go rip that new tune. The louder the better, trust me.

Be good to each other,
 The Great Affairs