Well, here we are...well, me at least.....hopefully you are NOT in front of your computer, but rather spending the day with your family/friends. Whatever the case, and whenever or wherever this transmission finds you, Merry Christmas!

Since it is the season of giving, I'm going to be sending out a demo of a new, never before aired tune called "Dyin' To" to anyone on our mailing list that drops me a line to let me know they'd like to hear it. I'd send it to everyone, but the geniuses that designed Listbaby, our email service, did not allow for attachments with their fancy emails...sorry.(NOTE: If you're not on our email list, you should be, so if you wanna hear this and other new tracks as they come to life, please sign up and let me know to send you whatever you may have missed. Thanks.)

Now, keep in mind that this is just a demo track, cut here in the ever-evolving home project studio affectionately dubbed Pastry Park. I'm actually the only human being playing on the track, so please don't hold any shortcomings against the rest of fORMER's more than capable musical contributors, because they should not be held responsible for my inadequacies as ancillary bassist or drum programmer.

 I've cut a handful of these new tunes in recent weeks, as we've begun the process of weeding through the "Kids.." leftovers, and whatever new stuff that's been brought to the table for a proposed LP #3, using them to help me learn the new equipment as well as hopefully expediting the "thinning of the herd" by getting a better idea of what the finished product might sound like without spending the dough to find out the hard(i.e. expensive) way. Last time around, we had upwards of 30 songs to choose from, and it can get a little tense when you're deciding which "kids" get adopted, and which ones get left on some stranger's doorstep.

 Now, on to an even bigger rub. Money. We still haven't fully recouped the funds we put into the last record, mainly due to the long hiatus we went on prior to recording it, and in part because we haven't played many shows since its release. Starting with ZERO dollars put us at a distinct disadvantage, but we managed to scrape the cash together to finish and press "The Kids Deserve Cable", not knowing whether or not anyone would even be interested in buying a CD from us in 2011, since it seemed they weren't buying them from pretty much ANY OTHER bands these days either. Surprisingly enough,(THANK YOU!!) we sold quite a few(but there are still plenty available, so don't be shy about hitting up our online store.), and we'd love to do another one, be it a strictly digital release, or another physical pressing. The only obstacle would be of a financial nature. You see, these things we once knew as albums are not cheap to do, if you wanna do 'em right, like in a real studio, with an actual engineer, quality mics, outboard gear, etc.

 So, while we formulate a plan to pull the cash together, and play some shows to get out of that last hole, WHILE writing what we hope to be the best batch of stuff we've ever put together, all I ask is that those of you who wanna hear more from us in the new year, PLEASE>>>>>

 1)Spread the word. Tell your friends about this site...our Facebook(

 2)Keep coming out to shows and singing along. You do wonders for our self-esteem, and it makes the whole thing worthwhile. Not to mention, the more bodies we can consistently put in these rooms, the better chance we have of seeing you more often.

 3)Support the bands you love. Buy their merch. CDs, downloads, t-shirts. These purchases, no matter how big or small, are keeping gas in the tank, and studio time in reach. Food is always nice too, and seldom free.

 4)Stay in touch with us. Let us know what you think of the new stuff...hell, let us know what you think of the old stuff. There's not much we can do about it now, but it might help us make better setlists in the future, or keep us from repeating the same mistakes, like that schmedium schweater Henry wore that one time.

 In return, we'll do our best to treat every show like an event, and see that you get your money's worth. We'll also apply ourselves to the task of making a great record, if that's what's in the cards for 2012. You tell us. We're in this together, so suggestions are welcome. Fire away.






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