.....and thus "Mellow Colon and the Definite Madness" may be birthed.. Yeah, that's right, in an age when most recording artists are attempting to find clever ways to reinvent the "album cycle", releasing expanded singles, EPs, "capsules" etc., basically anything but an actual full-length record, because; let's face it, fewer and fewer people seem inclined to actually buy the damn things these days. It really does appear more or less unnecessary....not to mention cost-prohibitive, once you factor in the potential margins.

 So, with all that in mind, what do the forward-thinking minds behind The Great Affairs decide to do? Oh yeah, that's it, let's make a DOUBLE ALBUM. It was that, or just pile this money up in my backyard, light it, and toast marshmallows over it, which seemed wasteful....or MORE wasteful, perhaps.

 Actually, it has yet to be determined if this will be an actual The Great Affairs record, or something else entirely, since we're using a handful of extremely qualified individuals from outside our ranks to supplement the performance(and writing, occasionally) side of things. Either way, we've laid down 10 drum tracks, with six more on deck for the next session, and now Kenny has brought up the fact that we may have overlooked a few possible contenders for inclusion.

 You see, I took a hands-off approach on the selection process this time around, something I've been trying to do with several areas of the band's operations and logistics. I simply brought an iPod loaded with 40 or 50(or more...I don't really know) songs to Kenny's place, let him listen through, and choose whichever ones grabbed him as worth taking a crack at. I decided to leave my opinion out of the mix, which is why certain tunes from the demos I've been sending out with the mailing list didn't make the cut. For once, I'm deferring to everyone else's judgement, and standing fast in neutral territory.

 So, with the unearthing of demos for I'm Not Crazy, Sleepwalking, Too Far Gone, I Should've Known, The Lonely One, She's Got Your Eyes, and a few more, we have definitely busted the seams of a single-disc collection. Say hello to the double record.

 Tomorrow morning, Patrick, Henry, & I start work on guitar & bass overdubs on 3 or 4 of the tracks that have been designated TGA numbers: Sherrybaby, The Ring, & Shame On You. From there, I guess we'll start looking at how to pull off this new game plan. Now seriously, I realize we have  no business doing it this way, as there is hardly a demand for such nonsense, but why not?? We get points for ambition, right?