OK, so you may have heard it mentioned that this Saturday, December 3rd will be fORMER's last show for the year. It's actually our last show period, as far as I can tell from my calendar, so in the event we don't get anything else lined up for a while, I really hope some of you can make it down to The Rutledge for one last blowout.

 We've had to do a handful of shows acoustically, while Billy dealt with some personal issues, and I'm sorry to anyone who was expecting the full band, but these things have been addressed, and Billy is back on board for this weekend's show, so pack earplugs if you're sensitive to excessive volume.

 We'll be filming some B-roll and live footage this weekend, for use in a pair of clips we're editing together of "Head Light", and "How Does It Feel", in case you wanna get gussied up for the occasion.

 We'll also have our new t-shirts on hand, so don't spend every penny at the bar, 'cause we've got Xmas presents to buy too. Speaking of gifts, what better stocking stuffer for kids of all ages than a fORMER "The Kids Deserve Cable" T? I know, right? There isn't one.

 So, show Saturday, and then what? I honestly don't know. I guess we'll get together soon and figure out what we wanna do in 2012. In the meantime, I've wrapped up 3 fresh tracks in my new project studio, and I'm gonna lay into a few more this week. I'm not exactly sure what will become of these tunes, but I assume time will tell. They may be the beginnings of a future fORMER record, or maybe they'll become part of some digital "exclusive"...hell, maybe we'll just give them away to folks who order CDs and T-shirts. Again, these are things we need to figure out....and we will, I promise.

 If nothing else, I'm going to be doing A LOT more recording, and you'll be able to grab some of that stuff right here, so keep checking in. I suspect the winter months will have me holed up at home, toiling away in mad scientist mode on this stack of "Kids.." leftovers and new tunes, not to mention stuff that would have most likely been another release from The Great Affairs. I'm not sure I'll ever catch up to it all, but I'm for damn sure gonna try.

 Anyway, see you Saturday(or not), and stay tuned for updates on the shows, videos, and such....and please continue spreading the gospel, so we can keep this thing alive. A band like fORMER lives and dies by word of mouth, and you're all we've got besides each other and these songs.