It’s May…about to be or even was, depending upon when you get around to perusing this entry. The album finally drops this month, on a yet-to-be-determined date, since artwork is getting a last-minute tweak before heading off to the manufacturer. I’m gonna step up and take the blame on this one, but I’ll explain later why, because there’s a lot to cover here, and I’m trying to make a matinee showing of the new Avengers flick.

Since said tweak will likely result in little to no delay, and you’ll probably wanna get ahead of the mad rush to procure your own copy of our latest opus ‘Ten & 2’ on Kivel Records, just click HERE to pre-order it. While I haven’t actually seen the finished product, it’s said to be rather elaborate, with a nice 16-page booklet that includes lyrics, pics, and various other details about who did what during the making of the thing.

While the album itself remains unreleased for a couple more weeks, the first single/video for “What You Get Is Gone” HAS arrived, and you can view it right HERE. We shot this at Wicked Good Sandwiches in Clarksville, TN a while back, with our friends Scott & Nate Moore, and it was lovingly spliced together by the one and only Phantom Editor, Mike J. Nichols in sunny Southern California.

While I’m in full huckster mode, allow me to also direct you to this LINK, where you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe by one more black t-shirt. If you’re like me, you can never have too many. This one features an updated take on what has probably been our most popular design over the years, and celebrates one of history’s most famous affairs. We’ve dubbed it “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”. These will be in stock and ready to ship on May 16th, with sizes running from Small through 3XL.

On the live front, we’re off this weekend on a run through the Carolinas, followed by a jaunt up to Terre Haute, IN, a long-overdue return to Memphis, TN for a show with Enuff Z’Nuff & Bulletboys(tickets HERE), before we roll north to Chicago, IL(Libertyville, specifically), and swing back through Cincinnati, OH(also well past due) on our way home. Check our CALENDAR for the specs on these.

In the rearview, we hit SC and GA, and breathed a little ocean air, passed through Madisonville, KY with our acoustics, and left with another batch of cassettes for the van tape deck that included some primo KISS, Dokken, White Lion, Quireboys, and Poison, among others, so we’ll have plenty to fight about depending on who DJs the next trek. A stop at the revamped Bokeh Lounge in Evansville turned us on to (or off on) HPA. That’s a hemp pale ale, for the uninitiated. It smelled just like…well, you know…a Black Crowes concert. Finally, we played the St. Jude Rock N’ Roll Marathon…6AM load-in, 9:55AM showtime, and it was a blast. I’m not sure what fumes were powering us through it, after getting in at 1:30, sleeping 2 hours, loading the trailer by the light of a full moon at 4, and watching the sun come up as we backed it up to the stage for set-up…maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through my veins after realizing I’d driven 18 miles with the parking brake partially engaged, and on fire…that’s one theory at least. Who knows? Either way, we had a great set, and I’ve gotta tip my hat to the folks that ran that day. I’d be lucky to scurry around the block if pursued, but this mob paid for the privilege of lapping that repeatedly, and at the crack of dawn no less. Kudos to you, fit people.

Alright then, I’m signing off for now. Please keep checking in here or our trusty FACEBOOK profile for more details on the album’s release, and other goings-on. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing the video to their pages and anywhere else that’ll have it. We sincerely appreciate all the attention that clip has garnered in such a short amount of time. The feedback has far exceeded our expectations, and we’ve still got 10 more tracks to share, so hopefully we can keep our batting average up as we roll ‘em out.

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