Well, we survived last weekend's installment of Nashville Rock:Stripped, and I'm about to post the video on our homepage to prove it(you'll wanna fast-forward to approximately the 13-minute mark. That's where our set actually begins.). We might've been a little rough around the edges, but we were loose with gusto, so no harm done. Besides, we got to work up a few songs that had never really gotten out much since they were committed to tape all those years ago.

 Post-show, I had to split for Illinois for a few days to take care of some business, but I'm back, and we're getting things on track for the next show in August, and the impending release of "The Kids Deserve Cable". Our engineer Michael has been running mixes for us the last couple of weeks, letting us make notes, and Thursday morning I'll be headed in to do the final tweaks before we move to the mastering phase. I've been toying with different running orders, and I think I've settled on one that seems to flow right proper, so once that is set in stone, it's down to artwork, which rests in the capable hands of Mr. Billy Baker.

 Don't forget, I'll be playing with The Beauty School Dropouts next Friday, outside 12th & Porter, supporting 3-6 Mafia. We go on at 9 sharp on the main stage. Help us give Nick Jagger a proper sendoff.Headbussaazzzzz!!!!!!!

 Finally, the latest from The Great Affairs, entitled "Happy Ender", which was previously a digital-only 6 song EP, has now been re-released by Kool Kat Musik in CD form, and I have supplied them with 7 additional demos of previously unheard tunes, so it is now an LP. Go to the store section and click on the header to find the "buy" link. Thank you.

 Keep watching and listening for new video and additional preview tracks from the forthcoming fORMER record, as well as stuff I'm working on with a few other artists. It's gonna be a busy summer. Lots of miles yet to log.