Greetings and salutations, Earthlings. I’m gonna keep this update brief, because quite frankly there’s not much to talk about that will be of particular interest to anyone not working with us behind the scenes to ready this record for release. However, since this IS the first of the month, I felt a responsibility to maintain our regularly scheduled programming and at least drop a quick line to let everyone know that the ball is rolling and plenty is afoot here on the other side of the curtain.

Between this transmission and our next, we will have shot new pics, and the video for the album’s first single, with a separate shoot for single #2 following shortly thereafter, in early March.

A new tour van is being procured as we speak, with a significant improvement in legroom and overall comfort that was long overdue. I for one am overjoyed at the prospect of being able to stretch without exiting the vehicle.

Contracts are out on a few more shows, so look for announcements adding to our Spring itinerary that already includes stops in AL, GA, TN, IN, IL, KY, SC, and NC.You can view the calendar HERE to get the specs as they’re posted.

Aside from those key bits of activity, we’ll be hunkered down rehearsing, working on a new set list that encompasses everything from our back pages to the latest chapters. We’ve had to make some cuts to the roster, in order to allow a few new contenders their shot, but I think it makes for one helluva trip the way it’s all laid out.

 OK then, I promised brevity, so please feel free to resume whatever it was you were engaged in prior to this interruption, while I continue my fight against whatever this cold/flu bug is that refuses to let go of my immune system.

 Be good to each other,
    The Great Affairs