I realized this weekend, in the midst of overzealous basketball fans and too many artificially colored holiday beverages inspired by the Emerald Isle, that I may have once again been somewhat lax in my updating of the site. That's not to say we haven't been busy, quite the contrary in fact.

(off subject: MTV's Teen Mom 2 is on as I type this, and that Jenelle chick has to be one of the poorest excuses for a human being allowed face time on a nationally televised program. I'm pretty sure I just heard her say she hasn't seen her son much lately because she has been "getting ready for her breast implant surgery". What exactly does that consist of? Saying goodbye to her original cans? Buying new bras? Stocking up on frozen vegetable packets to help with the inevitable post-op swelling? I applaud her for showing such responsibility. I'm sure that toddler can make his own dinner anyway. Why does he need his mom around? Besides, Grandma has custody anyway, and this investment is clearly key to eventually getting him back. No child should have a flat-chested mother. It's common knowledge that judges take cup size into consideration when custody disputes arise.)

Sorry about that…I guess I just really miss that RJ Berger show, about the high school kid with the abnormally huge hog in his trousers. Scripted, yeah, but infinitely easier to buy as a somewhat accurate portrayal of 21st century teenage life….or at least that's what i'd like to believe.

Anyhoo, here's what's been going on since our last update.>>>>>

We played Douglas Corner last week with our original drummer Tim's group The August. We might've been a little "rock" for the room, a space generally reserved for more country-inspired acts and singer-songwriter fare, but we did our best to assimilate. I busted out my new Epiphone Casino for a tune, and it held up well under fire. Its got a pretty ragged tone, unlike anything else in my collection, and has already inspired a new composition or two, so I'm not yet regretting that impulse buy.

Kenny & I are in the studio with my former Best Of Seven bandmate Joshua Ketchmark all this week, working on his new LP. Kenny is producing and contributing vocals, percussion, guitar, and whatever other odds & ends it may require. Dave Webb knocked out his bass tracks today, and I did a couple of guitar tracks already, with a few more on deck for tomorrow. We've got a pedal-steel player coming in Friday that we'll be employing to cut a couple of bits for our duo record as well, and my buddy Don Mabus of The New Impostors is working on some additional overdubs for that project at his home studio in Peoria, which we'll be flying into our mixes. God bless the internet, and the miracles of digital recording.(Sorry, Dave Grohl.)

Once we wrap that business up, we're playing another show here in Nashville at The Rutledge on Friday, March 29th, before taking off the next day for Knoxville, and a date with the fine folks at Preservation Pub.

The following weekend, we're back in Cincinnati at The Southgate House, on Sunday, April 7th, supporting Miggs and The Alternate Routes.

We do damn near 3/4s of that same drive the next weekend to make our Louisville debut, at Gerstle's, opening for Digby on 4/13.

Our last April show is in Murfreesboro at Three Brothers, on Friday, the 27th. From there, it looks like we might be off for a bit, so hopefully we can get to work on this covers EP idea we've been kicking around, and Kenny & I might be able to make our way into the home stretch of tracking for this other record. As always, all or none of that may happen, depending on what comes down the pike next.

OK, I can't keep my eyes open any longer, so the last bit of information I have to pass along involves that April 12th date we had posted for National Underground that has since disappeared. The facts of that matter are these: International Pop Overthrow Nashville had secured that venue for this year's run of the festival, but a format change there led to an 11th hour need to move 4 days-worth of performances elsewhere. Those logistics proved impossible to accommodate, so the Nashville edition has been moved to late September, tentatively. Hopefully schedules will align, and we can be part of it then. If not, those of you on the West Coast will be able to catch us during the Los Angeles installment, at Molly Malone's in Hollywood on Friday, July 26th, either acoustic, or possibly all 4 of us at full volume…we're still ironing out those details. I'll be doing an acoustic set with some of my old Best Of Seven bandmates too, so it should be a pretty cool evening. Details, and news on where whichever ones of us make the trip might be playing along the way coming soon.

Off to sleep…..see you guys soon…..other stuff I forgot, and additional goings-on coming up shortly.