Since we're wrapping up April with a weekend full of shows, I'm going to yet again drop our monthly update a little early.

Tonight(4/29), we roll into Bowling Green, KY, for another stop at The Spillway. If you like it loud, this is the joint for you. We should get started sometime around 9PM, and we'll be maintaining a stranglehold on their stage and your eardrums until about 1AM, slinging stuff from all of our records and associated side-projects, along with a few select covers that we've deemed appropriate for the occasion.

While we've yet to spring any new tunes from their cages,  we have gone back to the well and brought up a few numbers that haven't seen the light of day in a spell. Testing these on folks in Knoxville, Macon, and Newnan earlier in the month gave us the idea that we may have been slightly irresponsible in our initial reticence to make these selections part of the regular lineup. For that, we apologize, and endeavor to rectify our shortsightedness by dusting off as many of these "lost" songs as we can while we continue chipping away at the stone that will become TGA 6.

Saturday(4/30), we return to Cincinnati, OH and MVP Sports Bar(formerly Never On Sundays) after entirely too long an absence from the Queen city. This time around, Cincy boys Victor Spoils will be opening the show at 9PM, and we'll be taking over shortly after 10, for a 2 hr.+ barnburner, so stray hydrated, 'cause we're going long with this one.

The following week, we head East for a string of dates dubbed The Wing Jam Tour, hitting Wild Wing Cafe stages in Spartanburg, Columbia, and Anderson, SC.

We then take a week or so off to do some work on the covers EP, and shoot some new band pics, before we shoot over to Louisville, KY and Third Street Dive to celebrate my birthday(5/20). I can't be held responsible for whatever chaos may ensue, but I heartily endorse whatever takes place, because I'm hoping I'll have no recollection of any such shenanigans.

Besides, I already sold my soul in Clarksdale, MS a few weeks back, so what's the worst that can happen to me now?

May 27th & 28th we're doing a pair of full-band acoustic dates in KY. The first at Hightops in Somerset, and the next at The Crowded House in Madisonville.

In other band-related news, check out this INTERVIEW with Kenny, where he discusses producing Joshua Ketchmark's 2012 "Dreamer's Disease" EP. I'll be doing one of these myself soon, covering the work I did with Joshua on "The Bittersweet", another third of his 2012 EP trilogy that is being re-released as a full-length with bonus tracks soon.

That's about all the nuts & bolts of our business for May at the moment, but there's always the possibility that another show could get dropped in our lap before the month times out, so keep an eye on our CALENDAR for all the latest updates.

Be good to each other,

RIP Prince (1958-2016)