I did a little rearranging of my studio last night, giving my lady friend Jakki a more reverential position amongst the clutter. I think this will inspire me to greater heights of creativity, having her nether regions hovering just above eye level. Thank you, Ms. Degg.
In other news, the big show is tomorrow night at 12th & Porter. The set is written & vaguely rehearsed, the guitars are strung, batteries changed, and invites circulated. First band hits at 8, so don't dawdle. 5 bones gets you the whole spectacle... but happy endings must be negotiated with Henry.
Thanks to everyone who has already picked up a copy of "The Kids Deserve Cable". We do sincerely appreciate it. I know, in this age of waning enthusiasm for physical product; specifically CDs, that shelling out 10 bucks for a little piece of polycarbonate plastic wrapped in cardboard may seem an outmoded concept to some, but to us, having the actual album in our possession and out there for purchase is an essential part of the process....even if we have to do it all ourselves to get it released.
There is something to the actual "drop" that makes the whole struggle seem worthwhile, and more so when we get to see the record in YOUR hands. So again, thank you, and thanks to everyone who has supported us, said kind things about our music(Yeah, you too, Tommy K....our biggest cheerleader as of late), taken and sent us pictures from the shows, and especially the front & center folks, who have consistently drowned out my monitors on the choruses of many songs over the years...We love you guys.
Rest assured, as long as you folks will keep buying enough of these things, we'll keep making them.

 P.S. As soon as I can get the yahoos at our screen-printing place to return an email, we'll have those new t-shirts happening.