It's the first of the month, and that means it's time for me to tell you all what I know you've been dying to hear….yes, it's jacket weather. Oh yeah, and my solo record has a release date of October 21st.

I felt those should be divulged in order of importance.

Truthfully though, I'm extremely proud of this album…like,  way f#cking proud. It has far exceeded my initial expectations. I got a lot off my chest with this batch of songs, and it feels great.

But enough blathering….

Now, regarding that October 21st release date, it only applies to the physical version of 'An Overnight Low'. The digital release is actually scheduled for November 4th, so if you want it ASAP, you might wanna grab it at this link right here


Heck, depending on how quickly the first pressing gets turned around, you might see it a little sooner.

If you haven't already caught wind of the 2 or 3 preview tracks floating around, here are a couple of those to hopefully whet your appetite.

While I'm tending to the business of getting these things packaged and out to both consumers and critics alike, The Great Affairs are beginning work on some new material as well. Fresh from our recent run through Illinois, we've been hammering together the various bits & pieces of music that might conceivably constitute a new LP down the road. I know I'm sitting on a sizable grip of tunes, and Kenny has a few at the ready himself, so along with contributions from Mr. Miller that we've recently become acquainted with, there should be no dearth of adequate strummery and riffage.

The task of whipping these compositions into album-ready shape however is fairly time-consuming, so for anyone noticing that our schedule is a considerable bit lighter than usual over the next couple of months, there's your answer. We've gotta hunker down some on this stuff, because I believe the plan for this next trip to the studio involves us cutting most of the record live, allowing very little margin for error. In other words, we've gotta have our sh#t together, and the gathering of said sh#t is a pretty labor-intensive undertaking, so please pardon our momentary absence. Thank you for understanding.

OK then, well, I guess that's about it for the time being…other than a single solo acoustic show from me in Delavan, IL on October 22nd, we are off the radar until December, when we'll wrap up 2016 with a few dates in GA, KY, and IL, before doing our standard scattering for Xmas. Of course, as always, things tend to change, so you never know what might pop up on the calendar between now and then….personally, I've got my fingers crossed for a cool local show, but the manifestation of that wishful thinking remains to be seen.

Be good to each other,
  The Great Affairs