Well, that about wraps up any "assistance" we'll be receiving on the 'Nothing's Broken' project, as the esteemed Michael Webb(pictured above, from behind, as he prefers to be photographed, so as to maintain some degree of anonymity and the luxury of being able to mingle with commoners undetected) put down keys on a revamped "Make It Out", as well as new tunes "Seven Days" and "Just Someone I Used To Know". These three just took a serious leap forward, sonically, with the addition of his parts and the pedal steel overdubs Tony Paoletta did at my place earlier in the week.

The new spin on "Make It Out" is a little more organic, as opposed to what was previously a slightly heavier, "modern rock" treatment, but I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint anyone that was a fan of the original, as it still has plenty of muscle, just with a new twist here and there to let you know it's not your parents' "Make It Out", as they say.

"Seven Days" is a straight-up country ballad that I wrote over a decade ago, but never had much use for in any project I was involved in. I DID cut a version of it 5 or 6 years back, with William Baugh(100 Watt Opera/Valentine Saloon), but that track never saw the light of day, so I'm glad to have Kenny take a crack it it finally. Once we get some solid harmony vocals down(as opposed to the questionable ones we did initially that I just can't get comfortable with), this one will be ready for mixing.

"Just Someone I Used To Know" is a Kenny tune, a midtempo number that calls to mind 70's Petty for me. We trade guitar solos on this number. In fact, mine was SO good that he has to go back and recut his original pass, just to try and keep up....or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Here are some quick samples of what we've put down so far>>>>

In other news, we headed up to Newport, KY to be part of ClassX Radio's benefit show on February 1st, and got to spend a little time throwing down at The Thompson House. We were spared subzero temperatures and snow on this trek, which was greatly appreciated, seeing as we seem to have very little luck traversing this particular distance without some type of extreme weather impeding our progress to and/or from said destination.

We also got to take part in night #1 of Andy Aquino's birthday bash at The Rutledge. I think we kicked some ass here & there, but, like a tree falling in the woods....

Next up for me is a week-long trip to Las Vegas, where I will be thinking about exactly NONE of this, and worrying instead about which exotic, overpriced cocktail I want to consume whilst observing the parade of humanity that surrounds me. I will undoubtedly come back fiscally broken, but spiritually renewed, and ready to resume my futile efforts to turn song into profit.

The first of such frivolous exercises will take place at The 5 Spot in East Nashville on March 8th, with Abandon Jalopy(Blind Melon side project), and since Henry will be out of town, original TGA bassist Matt Andersen will be playing the part of low end provider...and we might add a second special guest for the evening, if we can manage to align all of our schedules accordingly. El Borracho, anyone?

OK then, that's about it for now, or all I can think of worth blathering on about at the moment at least.

See ya when we see ya....or never know.