With Vegas in the rear-view, it's back to the business of re-building a band.

Step 1: Choose the material from our collective back catalog that we want to hold onto, build a set, and start rehearsing with these guys.

Step 2: Introduce the new lineup to the folks in our backyard, here in Nashville, and see how they take to us mixing things up some.

Step 3: If this goes well, start booking dates and getting this thing happening.

In the midst of all the above, it looks like I'm headed out on a quick solo acoustic tour April 12-23rd(with a brief stop in Nashville on the 13th to facilitate Step 2) with Cinder Road's Mike Ruocco, and Billy Carri. Looks like we'll be hitting cities in TN, OH, MI, PA, and possibly KY. far, so good. Now, if I could just shake this gambling problem.