I have a date with a cardboard cutout(seriously), so I'm going to have to keep this brief.

The record is tracked, and in it's initial mixing stages.

These first mixes we've received sound pretty fantastic as is, but we're going in to fine-tune them on December 12th.

Sometime later this week, or early next week, we'll have the new compilation CDs in hand, 'First Good Memories' & 'fORMERly'

We'll have these on the merch table at our final 2012 "full band" show on December 15th at Bellevue Pub. We'll be the middle act on a 3-band bill, doing 45 minutes or so of acoustic stuff, including a new cover or two, and possibly unveiling one more tune from the forthcoming EP.

The new video is up, and here it is>>>>>>>


If that embedding didn't work, here's the link to it on YouTube:

Thanks again to Mike J. Nichols, and Darrell Frasier for editing and shooting this for us.

We played a somewhat under-attended show(sorry, I'm not gonna lie) this past Friday, and I'm actually kinda glad the crowd was light, because frankly, we weren't very good. Our bassist Henry was puking into a bucket just off-stage both between, and occasionally DURING songs, the kick drum conspired against us throughout our set with multiple attempts to fall off of the drum riser, Patrick was also under the weather, my pedalboard chose this evening to adopt a free-will stance as to when it would and would NOT activate the assigned effects, and Kenny was in a generally foul mood that may have led to fisticuffs later in the evening, if I read my text messages right. As rock n' roll as all of this may sound, it was a bit much to have happening all at once, and we were eventually forced to cut the last 3 songs, for the sake of Henry's health.(note: He is recovering, and sounded infinitely more enthusiastic on the phone yesterday.)

Many drinks and one journey to Johnny Cash's grave later, where I was mistaken for the son of a Bee Gee(must be my beard), I have a long day ahead of me, a day of photographing my nephew's "Flat Stanley" cutout for his class project, with the little virtual guy enjoying the sights of Nashville. I think we'll introduce him to Billy "Shitty Jesus" Wayne at Red Door today, since he really seemed to enjoy 12th & Porter and Rebar the other night, and makes friends quite easily.

So, Nashville, maybe we'll see you in the unplugged setting on the 15th, and Illinois, Patrick & I will be back to provide the soundtrack for your drinking and carrying on at Double T's in Morton on the 22nd. Otherwise, 2013 it EP from The Great Affairs, new LP 'Nothing's Broken', from the as-yet-unnamed Kenny/Denny project(I voted for 'My Friends Call Me Lenny' or 'Alright, Hamilton!'), and maybe one other surprise offering in the works, but we'll have to discuss that in greater detail later, as Flat Stanley is itching to hit the town.




p.s., I've posted a couple of new blogs for The Times here: