Sassy's Lounge, Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN, this past Saturday went something like this...Me, my Hummingbird acoustic, a couple of harmonicas, and my trusty lyric book...oh yeah, Henry Go tagged along for a few numbers too.

En route, we cranked a little Nelson "After The Rain", getting our game faces on for the gig. Sadly, we only had an hour to play, or I would've turned Hank loose on some "(Can't Live Without Your)Love And Affection".

As for what we DID end up playing, it looked a little like the following:

The Ghost
Feels Like Home
Sick For Love
Sherrybaby(new song)
Let Me Go(new song...probably the next demo going out with the email blast)
I Am Reborn(Prodigal Suns cover...Kenny's old band)
Anything(Best Of Seven cover)
Only In My Head(Best Of Seven/Bombshell Crush)
Finding Grace
Needles & Pins(by request)
In The Gray
Head Light

I was just THIS close to busting out Corey Hart's "Never Surrender", but I refrained...still, it's gonna happen, whether Kenny likes it or not....and that means Henry's Nelson cover is still on the table too. Consider this a warning.

Next weekend we'll be up in Clarksville, opening up The Warehouse's Cinco De Mayo festivities, headlined by LIT. Doors open at 8, and we'll be on shortly thereafter. Tickets are available @
Tickets: $15 advance, $20 day of show,  19 & up only.

From there, a couple of weeks off to work on new material and changes to the set for our TN, AL, GA run May 17th, 18th, & 19th, followed by Kenny & I making a quick trip to the studio to start work on another little project that may also yield a couple of new songs for a The Great Affairs compilation we're thinking about pressing to have on hand at shows, since most of our CD stock is sold out....more news on that later.

See you soon,

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I'd like to keep doing these, and I'm sure my fate in that department rests on whether or not anyone is reading them, so please do. Thank you.