Guys, I honestly don't know how many thank-yous would be sufficient to express the level of gratitude we felt after our set Saturday night, so I'll just say this...we felt like a million bucks on that stage, and I, for one, was blown away from start to finish. Seeing and hearing so many people singing along to songs from a record that has only been available for a few short weeks was nothing short of awesome, and I honestly had trouble concentrating on the job at hand more than once, simply because I was taken aback by the response. A show like that validates every minute of every hour of hard work we invested in this album, and in this band. In the last few months, since we decided to dust off fORMER, and get back to business, we've had some of the best times together, and so much of that has to do with you guys coming out and letting us know that we're hitting the right nerves somewhere, so again, thank you.

From the sound & lights, to the promoter, to the club & staff, and especially the bands we were lucky to have sharing the bill with us(Hello Kelly, Billy Carri, The Monroes), things couldn't have been any more painless. Our new merch girl performed well under fire, and made sure our wares were properly distributed, even when her ankle gave out on her and left her immobile. We had folks drive in from Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi, so I guess if we can't come to them, they'll come to us...a whole new spin on the touring concept. The fans get a bus, while we stay home waiting for them to come to OUR town....sounds good. Nah, we said we'd get back out there, and we will...however limited it may be, we'll be putting some miles in eventually. Thanks to Michele "with one L" for bringing EIGHT copies of The Great Affairs "Happy Ender" record for Patrick & I(and Matt, who eventually showed up, post-set/post-Wilco at The Ryman) to autograph. We met a bunch of great people, and sent several copies of "The Kids Deserve Cable" off to new homes.

I do want to mention the one unfortunate turn of events, and offer an apology to our new friend, and Billy Carri crew member, Pontoon Mikey. Mikey got jumped in the parking lot just as we were preparing to load out, by some lowlife who grabbed what he could from Billy Carri's van, before disappearing back into whatever hole he emerged from. Nashville PD weren't entirely interested in doing much about it, but then again, there really wasn't much that could be done. So, we saddled up, our buddy Scott made a beer run of semi-epic proportions, and we gathered around a fire pit in Mr. Baker's backyard with about 20 people....well, 23 people, after I ran by The Preston Hotel and grabbed JD, Hector, & Mikey Mayhem, our Kentucky brothers, who had already consumed more than their share of fermented goodness. I'm sure Billy's neighbors were thrilled with our racket, as it stretched to the 4AM mark, and the din was elevated a smidge when JD threw Hector's glasses into the fire, to have them retrieved, smoldering and twisted, only to be chucked right back in and ultimately lost to the flames. By then, I'm not even sure Hector knew they were his, or that they were no longer on his face. I laughed.....I'm still laughing, truth be I hope they weren't prescription.

This week, we start working up a few more tunes, and get cracking on booking a few shows to fill the remainder of our 2011 calendar. I'm off to Illinois next Monday, with a pit stop in St. Louis on the 10th to catch Michael Monroe. That Friday, the 14th, I'm gonna be doing an acoustic set at The Red Barn in Peoria, before hitting the road back to Nashville for Tomageddon...a story that can't be told, due to a nondisclosure agreement signed by all party-goers. Speaking of acoustic shows, Patrick, Henry, & I are looking at doing a few shows featuring both fORMER & The Great Affairs' material, performed in a slightly altered fashion, with just acoustic guitars, percussion, and vocals. We might do a few semi-local gigs just to get out there and keep our chops up, so be looking for updates on that.

For now, we're just gonna ride the wave of good vibes this record seems to have generated for us, and see what comes our way.....and yeah, get these new t-shirts out. That is my next order of business, I swear.