...none of these things will be discussed in this blog. Sorry.

CA. Yeah. November 9th, Kenny & I board a westward-bound flight,  to Los Angeles,specifically ...doing  some pre-production on a record we'll be working on over the next few months.
Speaking of records, we spent about 10 hours in the studio yesterday, and emerged with 4 more tunes that'll eventually end up spread out over the new "project" he & I have been toiling over, and an EP from The Great Affairs.
'Dyin' To', 'Fists & Guitars', 'I Am Reborn', and 'Rock & Roll Heart' got the majority of their vocals, guitars, and percussion dropped into place...even a little gnarly blues harp came into play for a measure or two. We're now just bass, a couple guitar tracks from Patrick Miller, some keys, and a few backing vocals away from being ready to mix this least the TGA EP...those 7 numbers are close enough to make me nervous.
With any luck, we'll get to those finishing touches sometime over the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime, we're playing an early set at The Hard Rock on Broadway Wednesday(10/24)...on at 7PM sharp. 5 bucks. All ages.
Kenny is headed to Florida the next day with Bonepony, to play the Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Cruise for a few days, while I head north to open for Damon Johnson(Brother Cane/Thin Lizzy) at The Fieldhouse in Peoria, IL on Friday(10/26).
When we both get back, the band will be hitting Bowling Green, KY, and taking over Tidball's for the night, partaking of their "Penny Draft Thursday"(11/1), and then stripping it all down the next night(Friday, 11/2) for an "intimate" acoustic performance at Charlie Bob's in East Nashville, where some or all of us will preempt their usual karaoke night for a couple of hours of whatever we feel like playing that is least likely to enrage the throngs of disappointed American Idol hopefuls on hand to strut their stuff.
Then, California...and an entirely too-brief working vacation.

See you somewhere,

p.s Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" is THE SH#T! Disagree....I dare