It’s August, folks….or it will be soon enough. I suppose it actually depends on when you got around to reading this. I’m typing it on July 31st, for the record, probably because I have a busy week ahead that might prevent me from composing the thorough monthly rundown I know you’ve all become accustomed to receiving. My devotion to the timely delivery of these comprehensive summaries of our adventures and accumulated mileage dictates that I embrace my duties as band scribe a full 24 hours ahead of schedule, so that I may clear my calendar for additional obligations of a more musical nature. In short, I’ve got sh#t to do, people, so I’m cooking this thing up early.

 So, here’s what we’ve been up to….

 We played a great outdoor party for our buddy Jay’s birthday, up in Marion, IL. We had BBQ, fireworks, insects dining on our flesh, and a seemingly endless supply of cold Heinekens to keep us hydrated while said tiny creatures gnawed our hides. The neighbors were apparently unfazed by the noise, and the whole shindig came off without a hitch. It was like poolside Van Halen…Pasadena 1975…give or take 500 drunk teenagers and a few high kicks. We’re already prepping for next year by constructing a giant mosquito net. Happy birthday, Jay!

 When we got back, we went right into The Switchyard to commence work on various projects. Kenny’s been in there messing with some solo stuff, while the band are trying to get a new record together, along with a compilation that covers our output to date….a “Best Of…so far” for lack of better explanation.

 We’re gonna bookend that collection with a couple of previously-released tunes that we felt warranted revisiting. Here’s an initial mix of one of them, a new recording of the last track from 2010’s ‘Ricky Took The Wheels’, “Last Good Memory”. We’ve been tinkering with this song over the years, and it’s evolved a bit, so we decided to try putting together a take that captured it in its current form.

 We’ll be back in later this week, adding some finishing touches to a couple more tunes, and while we’re a long way from the finish line, we’re finally starting to settle on a handful of songs that look like they might be the missing pieces we’ve been searching for. We’ll be wringing some of these out for the first time at the shows we have coming up, and seeing what flies with the kids, before we throw ourselves at the next round of sessions that should hopefully see us in the homestretch. You simply can’t rush imperfection.

 Before I forget….AGAIN….. I’d like to extend a belated but hearty congratulations to our O.G. Affairs drummer Tim Good and his bad#ss wife Jacky on the the birth of their first child, Harper. Well done, you two!

….and while on the subject of families, I’d like to bring attention to one in need. Our buddy Chuck and his wife are dealing with a serious health crisis, that finds them both out of work indefinitely, and they could use a little leg-up, if anyone feels they can spare a few bucks. Check has worked for us, and a slew of other acts, on album & poster artwork, video editing, and various other graphic design projects, along with sharing the stage a time or two. He’s a good dude with a cool wife & kids, and these folks don’t deserve the mess they’re currently mired in. If you feel like helping out(I think they’ve even met or surpassed their initial goal already), you can do so HERE.

OK then, here’s where we’ll be and when, in the next few weeks.

Friday, August 4th The Crowded House  Madisonville, KY 8PM
(This is actually a show from THE DIE YOUNGS, the side project Kenny & I did a record with a few years back. We’ll be doing our acoustic show, with Matt in tow for a few tunes, that’ll feature stuff from that record, our respective solo releases, fORMER, and of course some TGA numbers…along with whatever covers we feel like slinging. Sure to be a hoot.)
Saturday, August 5th  Tidball’s   Bowling Green, KY   10PM  (Will Perkins acoustic opening)
Saturday, August 12th  Bokeh Lounge  Evansville, IN   9PM

….and no, we’re not playing the troubled Rock N’ Skull Fest in October. Long story…well, not really, but scroll through our FACEBOOK page if you really want the explanation for our absence.

Be good to each other,
  The Great Affairs