HALLELUJAH!!!! I am free from burden. Our new record is in presumably capable hands, and about to be mass-produced(barring any unforeseen technical issues involving artwork, .WAV files, etc.), and should hopefully be in our possession by the end of the month. While, sadly, we had to abandon our plan to do a vinyl pressing, that option still looms on the horizon, possibly better suited for our next project. Instead, we'll have 1000 copies pressed on state-of-the-art compact discs, the latest technological advance pioneered by the fine folks at Sony...cutting edge stuff, people. Recognize.

 These CDs, as they'll come to be known, will be lavishly packaged in a wallet-style layout designed by our own Billy Baker,  so magnificent that one can almost imagine Vanna White enthusiastically gesticulating over a display copy, whilst Pat Sajak informs one lucky wheel-spinning sonofabitch that they have won their very own to take home with them.

 Gabe McCurdy made us look good, Michael Saint-Leon made us sound good, and Axe Body Spray made us smell good.

 By the way, I was up until 4:30 this morning uploading files to the dupe joint's server, so if any of this makes sense to any of you, I suggest you seek the help of a professional. I also watched the remake of Nightmare On Elm Street(ehh..ok), and my 114th viewing of A Clockwork Orange(still brilliant!)....what that has to do with anything, I don't know, but these blog things are all about content, so now you with that what you will.

 So, anyone waiting to pre-order this thing had better get over to the "store" section and get on it, 'cause it won't be long now before its a hot commodity and I'd hate for you to miss your shot to own a first edition of a future classic.

 Speaking of classics, I would like to say thanks to everyone who ordered The Great Affairs "Happy Ender" digital EP or the Kool Kat Musik CD edition. The guys and I are really proud of that stuff, and wish we could've done more to get out and play some of it live for folks, but schedules just won't allow it at the moment. I'd like to think that we'll be able to get together at some point down the road, when the right material has presented itself, and maybe do some more tunes, but for now, The Great Affairs are in a deep sleep. At the very least though, Patrick & I would still like to get out and do some acoustic sets to keep some of that stuff alive, so count on that happening eventually.

 For the time being though, my primary focus is getting fORMER back out there, and getting this new record into as many ears as possible with our limited resources. We're working on getting a bunch of material together, from new to the moldiest of oldies that haven't tread the boards in years. We resurrected "Downed Again" last weekend, a song that hadn't been played live in electric form since we originally wrote it in 2006, and stuck it into the set with new stuff like "Head Light" , "Fix You" , and "Blue Divide", and it looks like we may dig back even deeper for upcoming shows, just to keep things interesting for the folks that have been around since the beginning. We've also got about a record and a half of new material ready to work on, that could only be derailed by the coming 2012 apocalypse or us deciding to ride off into the sunset again for a spell....I'll try to keep at least one of those things from happening....I'll leave the other one to John Cusack.

 While we wait for these CDs to arrive, we'll be working up a set for an early slot at Mercy Lounge in Nashville on Wednesday, August 31st with Oh No No, Kat Smo, & Joe Dunn. Hell, we might even have the damn things by then...I'll let you know. This one was a rather last-minute booking, but we all love that club, Jem is promoting it, and we would've been rehearsing anyway, so what the f, eh? From there, we get a month off to plan for a big show at 12th & Porter on October 1st, where we might strecth our legs a bit, and throw a few more curve balls. Watch & see.

 I'm taking off for L.A. on Thursday morning to do some writing & recording, and probably take in the Sunset Strip Music Festival. I'll be back in a few days, to hopefully find several boxes of "The Kids Deserve Cable" waiting on my doorstep.

 We've also had an interesting opportunity to possibly have one of our new tunes used as the theme for an upcoming TV pilot, and I'll hopefully find out more on that while I'm out west. but we've got our fingers crossed that this goes through.

 Thanks again to everyone who came our Saturday night. I'll be the first to admit I was worried about opening up with new stuff nobody had really heard before, but you all put my mind it ease right way. I can't wait for everyone to hear the new CD.... Hell, I'm already jonesin' to start the next one.