Happy Holidays, folks. We sincerely wish you the best in avoiding the unwelcome weight gain that is wont to occur in these Winter months, as we too endeavor to navigate those treacherous waters at least long enough to squeeze into our Sunday best for whatever photos we might have taken to accompany the new record we FINALLY FINISHED last night.


 That’s right, after months if not years of jabbering on about this seemingly mythical in its forthcomingness long-player, we have in our possession mixes the caliber of which can technically be declared “final”, were we not inclined to apply a modest bit of additional sheen in the mastering process that will allow them to emanate loudly from various sound systems at their optimum level.

 With any luck, the application of this extra elbow grease will occur in short order, and we’ll have nothing left to do but package the finished product for delivery.

 Of course, we still have to choose a lead track, and shoot a video for that selection, among other things.

 While we sort that out, if you missed it, we released a “single” last month….well, more like a digital 7”, with two sides. “Last Good Memory(Revisted)”, and “California(2017 Remix)”, are things we worked on while LP efforts were underway, and thought might bridge the gap some as we wrapped up the larger project. It’s available most everywhere by now, but here are a few links where you can either stream or download it/them.



Apple Music

 Just as you’ve exhausted your interest in these two marvelous selections, we should be about ready to drop a full-length followup that will hopefully keep us in business a while longer. We’re shooting for a late February release, but you know how these things go. Regardless of any obstacles we may encounter in getting it out to the world, shows designed to pimp the fresh wares will begin then, and run through March, with stops in Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and even a (typed with crossed fingers…not easy, mind you) Nashville date to celebrate the delivery.

 Perhaps a sample of the goods might be in order. Here’s one we call “Unfound”…a little Pop ditty I was saving for my next solo venture that the guys practically begged me to let them play on. To save money on Xmas this year, I’m considering this my gift to them. (Note: 72% of the preceding paragraph is utter nonsense…these are just thing I’d like to happen. The solo record bit is true, but that’s about it.)

 On the “Live” side of things, we’re about to tap out for 2017, but we have one last band show on Friday, December 8th at wicked Good in Clarksville. We kick things off, so you’ll wanna get there by 8 or so, I’d imagine, if you wanna catch us. The Hollywood Kills are headlining and E-Honda are along for the ride as well, so it’s gonna be a solid night of Rock N’ Roll. We’ll probably play a few new tunes while we’re there.

 While that sticks a fork in TGA business proper for the year, I do have a solo show while I’m up north for the season. I’ll be doing an acoustic set before Brent Stortzum & The Valentines, and Bogart Jones at The Twisted Spoke Saloon in Pekin, IL on Saturday, December 16th. I welcome all gifts that arrive in 12 oz. bottles.

 Well then, I guess we’ll see you after Santa does his thing, unless we bump into you in Clarksville. Be good to each other and try not to linger too long under the Mistletoe, because I’m not sure the entitlements previously associated with this action are currently valid…Matt Lauer’s Lawyer (Try saying that 3 times really fast!) might be a better guy to ask.

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