Well, folks, we've ceased operations for the year, on the live front at least. We had a brief glimmer of hope for a New Years Eve show that has failed to work itself out to our advantage, so we're going back to work in the basement of Pastry Park, prepping sets for some January & February out-of-town dates that I'll be posting shortly, AS WELL AS commencing the writing process for LP #3, the followup to "The Kids Deserve Cable".

I've got an idea in mind for this one that I intend to share with the rest of the guys on Wednesday, and it involves basically scuttling most or all of the material we've amassed since starting the last record, and more or less starting from scratch. Since we didn't play favorites with the song selection on the last one, and really just cut them in no specific order, we had a long list of tunes we really liked that got edged out due to time and budget constraints. Since I recently upgraded my home studio setup, I've been backtracking and doing full demos of some of these songs, to see if we might want to revisit them as a band when the next recording sessions come around. So far, 4 of them are complete, "You Won't Get It Here", "This Is Low", "Sherrybaby", and "Something Better Than This"(which is actually a new song Henry brought it doesn't actually count as a leftover). There are roughly 15 others floating out there in either lo-fi or acoustic demo form, and if my schedule will permit, I'm going to attempt to work up every last one of them, if only for posterity sake.

BUT, right now, since it is the Xmas season, and we have merch to sell, and a balance in the red, I'm going to offer the following deal...from now through December 20th:

Order one of the new "The Kids Deserve Cable" T-shirts from our official page (go to the STORE tab in the header)


and get not only a FREE copy of the "Kids.." CD, but we'll send you 2 of these new,  previously unreleased songs in .mp3 form.

So, for $15($20 if you order girls or XXL), you get a new shirt, a new CD, and 2 new songs. THAT is a a spectacular deal, if you ask me....yeah, I know you didn't, but I'm sellin' here, so work with me.

Again, this is now through 12/20, so don't wait, 'cause that's a roughly 1 week window to cloth yourself and do your ears a favor for one low, low price.

Act NOW!!!!    (I always wanted to say that.)


p.s. Your name might go on a list to receive other new songs as they are completed....maybe....just sayin'.