I hate to start a conversation with bad news, so let's kick off with the positive revelation that "Say It Isn't So" WILL be featured in the forthcoming 3D horror flick "Blood Of Ohma". The film was shot in and around Erie, PA earlier in the year, and should be released in late 2011/early 2012, from what I can gather.

fORMER WILL be tearing the roof off of 12th & Porter in Nashville this Saturday, October 1st, celebrating our new record's release with a little hoedown featuring our amigos Hello Kelly, followed by Cincy cohorts Billy Carri, yours truly, and a closing set from The Monroes, who have a badass video up on YouTube that has me intrigued, to say the least. This should be one hell of a show, and I hope you'll come down and hang with us this weekend. We're going to play about half of the new record, along with a handful of stuff from LP #1, and the set is designed to offer as little relief from volume as possible, so double-fist your drinks, and hit the john before stage-time, or your eyes and ears might miss something. Besides, the post-set stampede will be hilarious in that joint.

I WILL be headed to Illinois shortly, to catch up with some business at the shop, and; while I'm there, perform a set of acoustic tunes at Red Barn in Peoria on Friday, October 14th. Brent Stortzum & Jeremy David Baker(no relation to Josh or Billy) will be on the bill as well. I'm gonna mix it up...maybe do a few fORMER & The Great Affairs numbers, and whatever else I get a bug up my ass to warble tell me. Other than the permanently benched "P Control", I'm open to suggestion.

The Great Affairs WILL be featured in an upcoming episode of Not Just Country, airing Friday, October 21st at 10:30PM on Comcast Channel 49, and again Sunday, October 23rd at 12:30AM. We filmed this episode well over a year ago, and if my memory serves me correctly, the post-show interviews shot would be best left on the cutting room floor. That said, if they weren't, you're in for a treat.

Bombshell Crush WILL be releasing a CD in December or January(tentatively) on Demon Doll Records. Michael Saint-Leon has remastered the original 10-song Bombshell Crush album, with the final seven tracks recorded in 2004 for our unreleased followup added as a bonus. Broken Down, Never Be Another, Lies, Time After Time, You Said, Can't Forget, & The Urge have all been touched up and will be released with new artwork and liner notes. The plan is to do a show on or around the release to celebrate. As soon as we have a definite drop date, we'll let you know.

Now, on to the potential bummer of the week, fORMER's "Blue Divide" may or may NOT end up used as the theme to the new Bas Ruttan show on Fuel, "Punk Payback". The day after my co-writer Adam & signed the licensing agreement, the network issued a call for some new cuts to be made before the show debuts, and as a result, our song may be the unfortunate victim of Hollywood politics. The producer wants it and loves the existing edit(which I've seen, and it IS pretty killer), the suit calling the shots has his own ideas. Where this one lands is anyone's guess, and at the moment it's a pissing match between these two contestants. How this effects my actual guest appearance in episode 7 is another big question mark. Whatever the outcome, it was great experience, and Bas & the crew couldn't have been any cooler. Fingers crossed.

WARNING: I'm gonna get up on my soapbox a bit now, so read on at your own peril.

I mulled this all over while doing a few miles on the greenway today, and I've gotta admit, turns like these are frustrating, particularly in our scenario. I mean, let's face it, fORMER is only as active as it's members' work schedules and personal lives will allow, which isn't very, so garnering exposure via these types of outlets is key to getting traction for our name, and hopefully seeing that traction generate sales. Without being able to do road work, our options that don't involve great expenditure are few and generally ineffective. The "scene" here in Nashville, for us at least, is not terribly inhospitable, but also not the most welcoming to a band that isn't really modern rock or metal, but also not truly pop or country, and definitely not "young", or indie & hip. This presents a glass ceiling that hovers seemingly inches from the floor.

All the time I hear people complain about not getting paid, or not getting paid "enough", and I look around while their jaws are flapping and see a club with 50-75 people(with a capacity of 300) in it on a Saturday night, a soundguy & promoter that will most likely(see definitely) get paid before anyone sees a dime of the ($5 X however many in attendance weren't on the guest list) cover collected, and I think "What is enough?". Then, I recognize, for the umpteenth time, that WE'RE one of those bands, hopefully minus the complaining. Said realization sets the wheels to spinning, searching for the causes of our consistent underperformance in this area, and inevitably depression takes over. Luckily, I gave up on the idea of cashing in on my vast talents years ago, so the feeling is short-lived, and I'm over it by the time the bartender has my next round up.

Still, the law of diminishing returns does prompt the occasional conversation within the band, who would like to see that tide turn in our favor, and this begs the question "What do we do about it?" The give & take of the I-come-to-see-your-band so YOU-come-to-see-my-band dynamic is ridiculous and as dishonest a gauge for success as any one of the hundreds of bullshit competitions SonicBids or ReverbNation roll out daily. You know the ones, where you can vote as many times as you want...don't stop now....we're so close....this one's gonna make us famous, and we'll get a HUGE record deal. Yeah, those ones. The idea is to create fans, not milk your friends.

So, we put everything we had into making a great record, and I think we succeeded. Now, we go out on stage, just the four of us, a drum kit, some amps, & some samples, no fireworks, or silly costumes....and sweat our asses off until they tell us to stop, like it's been done for years. I guess I just wish that was enough to get some of our more casual fans/acquaintances/associates off their asses out to a show...and don't loiter in the back like you're too cool to be seen enjoying yourself(or being miserable...I can't guarantee you'll have fun, there might be something wrong with you), get down front, rip a scream, it's good for you....spill a beer or two, get in a fight, live a little....maybe you'll get laid, who knows. One thing is for sure, we're gonna kick some ass whether you're there or not, but damn if it isn't more fun when the room is packed full of people who wanna get down some.

Besides, we wanna keep making records, and in order to do that, we need to feel like there are a few folks waiting on the next one. Hey, I'm not looking to raise an army, but some loyal volunteers would be appreciated...and we'll take it from there. It's only rock n' roll, people, but they've been trying to kill it for years.....don't land on the wrong side of the fight.

12th & Porter....Saturday night. 9. It's a start.



p.s. I added some new demo tracks to the audio page. More to come, as I keep unearthing stuff I don't even remember recording.