Well, we’re back in business. As previously discussed, we got our mugs photographed, bought a swank van to shuttle across the country in, and shot one of two new videos sure to catapult us to the very peak of international stardom.

As of this writing, the new album is still on track for a late April release, so we’re killing the time until then by getting out and whipping that material into shape the old-fashioned way, playing ’til we drop in various regional watering holes, and hopefully making the aquaintance of a few unique folks in the process of these travels.

We broke the wheels in with a run through Alabama and Georgia that I had to wonder if our ailing bassist was going to survive. The last of us to come down with whatever this virus is that’s been sucking the life out of the general population for the past few months, he was lucky to lift his head for more than 5 minutes on the trek, but still somehow managed to play most of the correct notes, and even sing a few lines here & there before returning to a semi-catatonic state and blankly staring into the lights while his hands operated from what I’m assuming was mainly muscle memory.

I myself was more or less healthy for the duration, if not quite used to the handling of this foreign vessel, yet somehow scatterbrained enough to lock the only keys in a 300-mile radius that would allow us access to our vehicle or trailer INSIDE said vehicle. Thanks, Pop-A-Lock of Columbus, GA, for dispatching a locksmith posthaste, and allowing us to make our designated 9:30 start time.

In addition to making videos and whatnot, we put together a new compilation CD that pretty much covers all the stuff from our back catalog that you’re likely to find us playing live on any given night. Since a lot of the early stuff is out of print in any physical format, and only available via iTunes and the like, we thought it might be prudent to have something on our merch table for the people who still like to properly “own” their music, if you will. So, click HERE, and you’ll be taken to our STORE page to check it out….18 tracks that cover every release from the 2009 self-titled, right up through the 2017 “Six Pack” covers CD.

Next up on the schedule is a Nashville show Saturday night(March 3rd), at The Local. After a quick acoustic set from Krantz, and the Americana stylings of Hurricane Mills Revival, we’re gonna tear through a bunch of our favorites, and a handful of tunes from the forthcoming long player. Since we’re headlining and not exactly bound by any time constraints, it’s anyone’s guess what we might actually whip out. Of course we have to be up the next morning to shoot one last video and a bunch of promo spots, so we shouldn’t keep anyone out too late.

Oh yeah….Kenny made a cartoon. Kenny’s got jokes….most of them are only gonna be funny to us, but I’m gonna share this damn thing anyway, ‘cause he really nails the band dynamic here, even if nobody outside our immediate circle will be able to make much sense of it. Just trust me on this, it’s spot-on.

I think that’s about it for now. Please keep an eye on our CALENDAR for dates in your area. TN, KY, IN, and IL are on deck for March, but we’re adding shows all the time. It’s gonna be a busy year, from the looks of things.

Be good to each other,
 The Great Affairs