Folks, I'm truly sorry. With all of the "social networking" outlets to be updated, I have been rather remiss in maintaining this particular blog as of late. That is not to say things haven't been going on, because they have, just unbeknownst to anyone using this forum as their sole means of tracking such activities. Again, I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies, and continue reading, as I attempt to make up for these shortcomings.

Since we last spoke, we've played a few shows here in town, tested a couple of new cover tunes, shot most of the performance footage for the "Sherrybaby" video, guested at the most recent Billy Falcon's Sowing Circle, even strapped on our acoustics for a set, and more or less wrapped up the mixes on the first three new TGA songs to get a studio treatment.

Now, I'm off to Los Angeles for a few days, to do tourist-y things, and play a quick solo set at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. this Thursday, August 9th. While I'm there, I'm going to submit the demo(I'm actually tracking this afternoon)for a TV pilot theme I've been working on. You'd think cutting just a chorus, as opposed to having to write and record an entire song would be easier, but it's not....can't quite figure that out.

I haven't been that busy with new material lately, but I am gonna drop another freebie through in a week or so...not sure yet which tune I wanna set loose...both are ballads, so anyone pining after riffs will have to get their fill elsewhere....stay tuned, and if you haven't grabbed July's offering, you might wanna grab it before it disappears, which could happen any day now.

Once I get back from California, we have a week or so to rehearse for our shows at The Rutledge in Nashville on Friday, August 24th, and Preservation Pub in Knoxville on Saturday, August 25th. Friday's show we'll be filming the last of the footage Darrell Frasier should need to finish up our new video, and we'll be joined by our good friend Joshua Ketchmark and his band, all the way from West Coast, as well as the debut of the new 100 Watt Opera lineup(Jesse Floyd, William Baugh, Billy Baker, Jonathan Bright, & John Alexander), who will be performing selections from all of their previous outfits, including Valentine Saloon, fORMER, Bombshell Crush, and more. Joshua & co. will be joining us in Knoxville as well, before returning to Nashville to do some honky-tonkin' on Sunday.

The following week, Kenny & I are back in the studio to work on some tracks for another non-TGA project we've been brewing. Some of these tunes are brand new, others are things we've been sitting on, or that we thought deserved a second chance at life. You might recognize some of the titles as ones I've sent out or given away on the site, and a couple of them appeared in rough demo form as bonus tracks on the Kool Kat physical release of "Happy Ender". So far(and the reference tracks of these just showed up in my inbox as I type), we've laid down drums for Nothing's Broken, Breathe Again, Crawl, I Am Reborn, That's My Girl, Let Me Go, and As Fine As You Are. We plan on tracking several more, as we find time, and we'll probably be doing a handful of new stuff with The Great Affairs too, in the midst of all this.

Beyond all that mess, I've got a show next month in Morton Illinois, during the world famous Pumpkin Festival, and we should have a few other dates popping up in the coming weeks, so keep checking in here, or on whichever of the various platforms I have to periodically overhaul with information. Right now, I'm gonna pack a bag and head for Tinseltown.