Well, folks, it would appear that whether or not you're aware of it, those of you employing the services of a dehumidifier in your home or business should periodically change the filter, lest you may avoid purchasing a brand new one far sooner than you would have had you properly maintained the previous unit. This is a lesson I'm learning today. You see, as with most household devices, I opted to simply plug it in, certain that its purpose was so self-explanatory, that a brief perusal of the accompanying manual was unnecessary. Turns out, there is a filter, cleverly tucked away out of view, that, once clogged with dust generated by the intake fan, can lead to the untimely demise of motor function.

 So, with that helpful hint out of the way, allow me to proceed to what passes for news 'round these parts.

 Patrick & I were in Illinois all week, just long enough to make a couple of appearances and visit our families. We joined Don Mabus & John Eason for a handful of tunes at their "open stage" last Thursday at TNT's in East Peoria. "Baby Loves You", "What's So Funny('bout peace, love, & understanding)", "P Control" and out own "Lies"were hacked through, to varying degrees of proficiency.

 The following night, we did an hour's worth of stuff at The Red Barn, including a bunch of The Great Affairs' tunes that we hadn't played through in quite some time. I tested a new tune called "Make You Smile" that I wrote recently with my buddy Adam for a new project. We also closed the night with a loose...and I'm being kind in that self-assessment...jam of some Bon Jovi & Billy Idol. The rest of the evening is either a blur, or something I'd like to imagine as one, so as to feel better about myself.

 I almost forgot to mention that Patrick & I stopped off at Fubar in St. Louis to catch Michael Monroe, and witnessed a woefully under-attended but nevertheless world-class rock n' roll show of the finest order. Michael's band absolutely killed selections from throughout his career, including stuff from Hanoi Rocks and the much-overlooked Demolition 23 record, as well as tracks from the new album that stood solid alongside the classics. His energy at age 49 was nothing short of unbelievable, and his band; including Hanoi bassist Sami Yaffa  and Backyard Babies' guitarist Dregen, were all stars in their own right. This was one of those rare shows that totally exceeded my already high expectations, and made the detour absolutely worthwhile.

Our after-show trek to The Atomic Cowboy however earned us a late start to our final destination, but nothing a couple of energy drinks and some double cheeseburgers couldn't fix. Still, the absence of promised "burlesque" dancers was disappointing, to say the least. The beer was cold though, so they had that going for them.

 Back in Nashville, our new t-shirts arrived nearly a week ahead of schedule, and they're available in the store section of the website. We've already processed and shipped a handful of orders, so get yours now, the supply is somewhat limited, particularly the girls sizes & XXL.

 The CD is selling steadily, and reviews & requests for review copies are still streaming in, from all around the globe. We're on the air in Europe now, as well as getting some midday airtime on Nashville's very own Lightning 100.

 Some other film & TV placements look to be on the horizon, and speaking of which, the Not Just Country episode featuring The Great Affairs will air this Friday & Sunday on Comcast channel 49. Check local listings for air times.

 Next up for me is the Haunted Valley shindig with The Beauty School Dropouts next Saturday, with Bush & Candlebox, then it's back to fORMER for our return to Tidball's in Bowling Green. We've also got a November 19th date at SoHo in Columbus, GA...our first time there in 2 or 3 years. We should have a few more shows before the end of the year, and then time off for the holidays, and some woodshedding to work on new least that's MY plan. In the fORMER world, you just never know. Either way, songs are getting written that are gonna need sung, so one way or another, they're on the way.