Well, as I type this in the wee hours of our civilization's twilight, as foretold by the all-knowing and clearly wily(did I mention extinct?) Mayans, I'm oddly upbeat about my prospects for tomorrow. I'm thinking I might see a movie, so long as it's not just me and my dog, a la Will Smith in 'I Am Legend'(For the record, as post-apocalyptic/plague flicks go,  I prefer Charlton Heston in the Robert Neville character from 1971's 'Omega Man',  or better yet, Vincent Price  as Robert Morgan in the original adaption 'The Last Man On Earth'.).

Assuming we do in fact weather the forecast of cataclysmic events, The Rapture, or whatever that shill Kirk Cameron was peddling in those 'Left Behind' flicks a few years back, I should have in hand tomorrow the final mixes of the new EP '4', all 7 songs measuring up to the exacting standards of myself and my fellow bandmates in The Great Affairs. If we survive the end of times, and this is NOT the case, I will petition for early admittance to the afterlife, as I simply can't bear the idea of laboring over this release any longer. That, and I'm afraid my laptop; where all the cover artwork is being produced, appears to be on the verge of a critical meltdown, which would undoubtedly result in at least a significant portion of my EXTENSIVE efforts requiring a do-over.



Projected demise of life as we know it notwithstanding, we've forged ahead with plans to release the new record in January, booking a show with The East Side Gamblers at 12th & Porter on the 19th of next month to celebrate.

We did a photo shoot in 5 Points last Sunday, images from which will hopefully play into the album art and new promotional materials.

The new compilation CDs, 'First Good Memories' and 'fORMERly' are here, and will be making their debut appearance on the mercy table this Saturday(12/15) evening, as we play set of acoustic stuff for the 'Very Acoustic Christmas 2' at Bellevue Pub, with For Lack Of Lythium, and Roses Unread. The show is free, but they'll be selling raffle tickets to benefit the Project Lifting Spirits charity:

, giving away a Halo guitar, strings from George L's, gift cards from Sam Ash, drum sticks from Innovative Percussion, and more. We're going to pull out a few new numbers that we've never attempted before, and dust off 2 or 3 others that we've been missing, so we'll make it worth your while, I promise. We play around 9, with happy hour running until 10, so get there early and enjoy the libations with us before, during, and after.

The following week(12/22), Patrick & I will be trekking north for the holidays, to visit our families, and figured we'd stop off at Double T's in Morton, IL, my hometown, where we're going to do a couple/few hours of acoustic stuff…The Great Affairs, fORMER, Best Of Seven, some covers…the usual whatever-we-feel-like-playing set, with a guest or two no doubt. Get your requests in now.

From there, we go into woodshed mode, getting a brand new set ready for next year, and the release show, while I continue work on my solo EP 'Halfways & Misfires'(more on that later) (here's a sample>>>

If I don't see you before then, Merry Christmas(or whatever any of you uptight 21st century folks feel comfortable calling it) and have a happy New Year!

 The Great Affairs