I went to the NAMM show, and eyeballed a whole mess of guitars I neither need, nor can I afford...and I listened to people talk; at great length, about all sorts of recording equipment and accessories that I didn't understand. My chicken rice bowl at Baja Fresh was excellent though, and the people-watching was second to none.

I did a photo shoot at a "haunted" mansion/castle....and I slept there too. While my quarters were a little creepy, my 4-day stay was incident-free. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my cohorts, who may or may not have experienced a little paranormal activity over in their wing of the joint.

I drank entirely too much beer...some of it while I was doing the aforementioned photos, hence the need for the shades I wore in most every shot.

Oh yeah, and I starred in a "horror movie" that was filmed in just under 2 minutes. It should be making the festival rounds later this year, and is almost certain to get distribution and rocket me to stardom.

Just the usual stuff.