First off, sorry I haven't been updating this page as often as usual over the last few weeks. Between applying myself to learning my new studio setup, writing for a couple of projects, and the ever-evolving circumstances known as life, I have been neglecting my duties. I am here to set things right.


 Tonight(11/16/11) at 8:30PM CST, our tune "Blue Divide" will debut in episode #3 of Fuel TV's "Punk Payback" series. Check your local listings and tune in, please. I'm not sure how many episodes(if any more) we'll be featured in, but I know tonight is one.


 This Saturday, Henry, Patrick, & I will be performing another set of stripped-down fORMER and The Great Affairs tunes in Columbus,GA at SoHo Bar & Grille. Billy will be sitting this one out to attend to some personal business, but he'll be back behind the kit for our year-ending show at The Rutledge on Saturday, December 3rd.


 Speaking of The Rutledge, Henry & I will be working off our turkey-guts next weekend on Black Friday with a last-minute set for Nashville Rock: Stripped's latest installment. I'm not sure yet just what our set will consist of, but I'm sure it will be titillating.


 We also just signed some contracts that should help us see some interesting things happening overseas with the new record. I'll keep you posted as that develops.


 My new studio is coming together nicely. I already have initial tracks together for a couple of new tunes "You Won't Get It Here" and "Something Better Than This", that hopefully will appear here on the site in preview form before too long. Please be patient with me, as tech work is not my forte. It WILL happen eventually.


 Another thing that has been taking up some of my time lately is my blogging gig. You can check out what has thus far amounted to little more than a mini-autobiography and a book review at this link:

 I'm adding one or two a week, so keep checking back. I wrote one today about a new t-shirt I got, so you never know what kind of nonsense I'll be rambling about.

 By the way, Henry, Patrick & I are going to be doing a lot more of these stripped-down shows in the future, likely just under my name so we can mix up fORMER, The Great Affairs, Bombshell Crush, and Best Of Seven stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for some guy named Denny Smith playing near you, because it's probably really 3 guys.

 In a totally unrelated note, Patrick fell off his chair and out the door at Rebar the other night, and I haven't stopped laughing since....just wanted to share.

    See you all very soon,